All over the world prime time bulletins are given to mature people, who have years of journalism under their belt. The years of experience arms these journalist with the sense of what can and cannot be news; what should be highlighted and when. However, in Pakistan it seems that anything goes and anyone can host a show, blatantly accusing people without verification and spreading lies.
Would you call a person who curses and hexes people, especially so-called serious, senior journalists if they have an issues with the said personality. Mubasher Lucman has also been guilty of cursing senior and seasoned journalist ARY’s news director Owais Toheed.

The reason for Lucman’s wrath was that the news of Indian actors Kareena and Saif, and he said “I pray to God that might he (Owais) not digest his dinner food and that he has to endure stomachache all the night.”
This is an extremely childish attitude for a middle-aged person.

And the funny part is that Lucman’s own website carries news of Indian celebrities. Most of the content is “vulgar” – for which Lucman gives hell to other media outlets.

But it seems what Lucman considers bad for others, is fine to be used on his own website. Take for example the story on his website: “This or that? Sushmeta Sen vs Neha Dhupia”
Or the story titled: “Round-up: Red Carpet - Look at That!”
in which Indian actresses are wearing skimpy clothes.

If it is alright for Lucman to use on his website, then he has no reason to curse other media outlets and journalists; he should apologize to the people he curses or speaks badly of. Otherwise, he should not indulge in hypocrisy at any level.
Interestingly, Owais Toheed has been in the media for several decades long before Lucman came upon the scene. Toheed didn’t respond basically because he has been taught and worked along some of the best journalists of Pakistan.

Lucman should be careful of what he says and does, because he is seen by a large number of people as an immature amateur who seems set to give journalism a bad name.